Gastronomical photographer, Stylist (Food Stylist) and Home Economist.

I take more than to 20 years ligature to the photography, but she was 8 years ago back when I decided to give a radical change and to dedicate to me completely to this fascinating world, all the experience make us choose experience Hosting provider to host our sit.

I carry out works for companies of the sector, restaurants, hotels, publishing campaigns of publicity, etc€¦. as professional Photographer, stylist and Home Economist. 

In addition to the Gastronomical photography, also to fascinate to me to photograph new born, families, you drink,€¦ I like to prove other fields and to leave my zone of comfort.

I began being self-taught, but soon after I realized that to learn of other companions was of most enriching, is nothing as seeing them work, I have realised also actual factories online and, likes to be always learning. I have attended factories of great photographers as Eva Kosmas in the gastronomical part (in addition to attending its factory I had the luck to comprise of its equipment as invited stylist), Kelley Ryden and Tracy Raver in the field of new born or with Rebeca Saray, photographer of musicians, actors, publishing houses and fantasy.

Much effort cost to me acquiring knowledge in photography, techniques, composition, tricks€¦. Of there, that 6 years ago decided to distribute factories online of photography for bloggers, craftsmen, entrepreneurs and all that one lover of this one art. A thing took me the other, and does a little more 5 years, than I began to distribute Actual Factories One to One. They are individual factories or by groups, I realise them in different cities of Spain or my study. We can give the form that wishes him, you only must write to me.

It enchants to me to be to the other side of the camera, to catch those moments of complicity and happiness. The patience is another one of my virtues, without which it could not realise the most delicate photos of the familiar side, as they are those of new born, since they require very many affection and care, although every time are more natural.

As you see, I am specialized in diverse fields of the photography, if you wish a customized budget, you do not doubt in putting to you with me in touch, I will be enchanted to take care of to you. Thanks to spend to me some minutes.

Next I leave you with a sample of my different galleries from works.

Puncturing on the image, you will be able to see the complete gallery, despite you can happen through the blog where you will be able to see some sessions.

It photographs Gastronomical.

New born. Babies and Children. 

Family. Pictures. 

Communions. Other works.

food styling still life photographs gastronomical
it photographs new born
family photography
other works of photography
it photographs babies and children
photographer of pictures
premother photography
photographer Malaga communions
photographer of Malaga weddings

You want that we work together? Here I tell the different forms you and as taking it to end. Also you can contact through mail that you have more down.

If you want a family session, new born etc. you can put to you through mail in touch:

I will answer as rapidly as possible, I will facilitate all the information and conditions to you. (My study is in Malaga, but the possibility exists of transferring to me).

If you prefer it you can utlizar the form that you will find next, or if you want suggestion what kind of unlimited hosting you should take to make your own website like this feel free to contact us


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