For gastronomical works or of products and publishing houses, please, it asks for a customized budget. 

Despite I tell you as we can work, from works of Gastron³mica Photography and Estilimos, Home Economist, developing contained, prescriptions for your Web, content and photographies for your RRSS, Photography of Restaurants, hotels, Publishing houses, press, etc€¦  

As you also know for years I distribute factories online, actual, communications€¦. etc€¦ 

As you will see range is ample€¦.

Here you have a listing of my prices regarding the familiar sessions. These sessions more are limited and generally in week ends, since for you they are more comfortable€¦. So if these interesad@ you are not delayed much. 

All are orientative, reason why if you want more information or customized budget, you do not doubt in putting to you with me in touch, in the mail: or through my form of contact. Thanks.

€¢ Session of new born, 450 ‚¬ (with a duration of 3-4 hours)

Delivery will become of 15 photos in high quality, unloads through platform.

Album with 20 photos: 150 ‚¬.

€¢ Session of prebreast, from 250 ‚¬

€¢ Session of families, young babies€¦ from 320 ‚¬

€¢ Session even, from 250 ‚¬.

For another type of sessions you can send a mail.

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