Gastronomical photography and estilismo for companies

As always a pleasure to return to work with Telepizza and next to its Dpto. The International. This work of photography was others of them and estilismo (Food Styling) that I did a few months ago for one this great company, always is a challenge, since the image for them is super important and everything must be placed well, in perfect state and by all means, without traps nor cardboard.

Everything what you see in the photos was real and even I had the opportunity to taste. Simultaneously, a great satisfaction to work for them and who wanted to have me again.

I leave you with this image that we did more to part of many.

Every day I like more and I enjoy Gastronomical Fotograf­a. If these interesad@ in my work, you only must put to you with me in touch and to tell me what is your idea. I am all ears.